Academic Diploma in Therapeutic Art

Would you like to study therapeutic art at a university level? Now you can
The level II Diploma Course in Theory and Practice of Therapeutic Art is the first and currently the only academic course in Italy, centered on the practice and study of therapeutic art.

More than Art Therapy: Therapeutic Art
Therapeutic Art is the practice of art which is therapeutic, which rehabilitates and regenerates by curing ourselves in a unique, profound and creative way.
Art Therapists
Hospitals and health centres

A workshop in a hospital generates pleasure and renewed consciousness.

In centres of rehabilitation
New ways to reintegrate with society can be explored in the atelier.

For ourselves
Creativity is a personal journey of sowing and reaping, from which new beginnings emerge.
Theory and Practice of Therapeutic Art - Course

Study programme

The level II Diploma Course in Theory and Practice of Therapeutic Art aims to train artist therapists, experts in the language of visual arts and therapeutic art.

The course programme combines the study of artistic disciplines (chromatology, paper technology, sculpture...) with courses of Pedagogy, Psychiatry and Psychology, providing a wide range of formative subjects.

Entrance requirements

The course is open to candidates who possess a 1st level Degree in an artistic, literary or medical-scientific related subject.

Entrance Test

The selection process involves an interview which examines the candidate's motivation, curriculum and study courses as well as a personal portfolio.

Employments prospects

Psychiatric units, primary schools, social services, protected communities and social-educational centres.


Artists, art therapists, medical practicioners. Many fields of study, one unique course.
The teaching staff of the level II Diploma Course in Therapeutic Art includes teachers with backgrounds in art, as well as medecinepedagogy and psychology.
The Educational and Therapeutic Teaching Staff. Art is the central focus.
The fundamental importance of the educational and therapeutic team is evident in the collaboration between the teachers. Experts from various professions participate in the training of a unique figure: the artist-therapist.

Therapeutic Art Work

The Therapeutic Art Department has activated workshops in various health and social rehabilitation centres, where trainee artist-therapists spend periods of time in work placements, experiences based on art and its therapeutic potential.
An atelier of Therapeutic Art is always a precious place where people, artist-therapists, medical practicioners and educators come together. A new space, focussing on the collective art work, where the role of therapeutics, of materials and of art can be redefined.

Map of trainings and ateliers

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